International Snow Leopard Trust (ISLT)

ISLT is the leading force coordinating efforts to protect the snow leopard, a severely endangered species living in one of the most war torn habitats in the world with a range that stretches across several countries.

The web offers ISLT immediate access to service and inform their global audience. Their online program allows them to organize and manage a number of programs that operate half a world away from their Seattle based headquarters.

“While there are lots of reasons for our increased web traffic the work by Lisa of Creaturekind is certainly one of the big reasons. Our site launched in August of 2005. Looking at web traffic from September to December of 2004 and comparing it against September to December of 2005 we saw:
  • An increase in unique visitors of 160%
  • Store sales have gone up 243%..."

AFTER/WEB Site Home Page

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“...The planning process helped to understand what we had in terms of info from current supporters and where we needed to go to grow our online presence....a definite improvement in terms of how we organize and present content, communicate with supporters via email, and track our results. The increase in visitors and sales has showed the value of the investment." Brad Rutherford, ISLT Executive Director


For mission based organizations with web sites; helping point the visitor into the site reflecting audience benefits and clear pathways is essential. Although visually attractive, the prior site required the web visitor view a flash movie prior to clicking out to ISLT's home/index page. The page has an appealing design, but does not functionally convey the breadth of programs or help the different audiences find their way based on a clear understanding of the work and results of ISLT.

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Public facing programs include the “Natural Partnerships Program” where ISLT works with zoos around the world. A kids learning area has been a long standing tradition of ISLT, the new site built on this theme, laying a foundation for further development of classroom materials. ISLT has one the most vast online collections of snow leopard images available. These online elements are intended to help children and adults learn, care, feel inspired and moved to participate in the preservation of these incredible creatures.

ISLT also coordinates research and scientific teams to watch and monitor snow leopard populations. As a Snow Leopard Network (SLN) partner, ISLT contributes to the most comprehensive snow leopard research database in the world. This database ISLT and partners created is in the form of a bibliography housing ongoing research and science tracking the plight of this amazing animal.

ISLT also needed to address their community based Snow Leopard Enterprises (SLE) program. This program serves communities across five countries (China , India, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Pakistan) in the snow leopard's range by helping local villagers sell their traditional crafts online. The revenue created through the SLE program selling villager's crafts online/offline return to benefit the the craftsfolks who created them. Extensive work was done in this area, as it was discovered early on most site visitors were not making the connection between the store, SLE program objectives and benefits as provided to local villages and the communities living in the snow leopard's territory.

The International Snow Leopard Trust (ISLT) retained Creaturekind Communications to produce a multi-leveled web planning process. The plan needed to present a broad range of programs housed under one organization to appeal to a range of audiences around the globe through the web.

Creaturekind designed user profiles and reorganized site content and architecture design to clearly differentiate and speak to unique audiences to better represent the breadth, organizational competencies, depth of information and resources ISLT produces and facilitates.

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One marketing/outreach idea generated in the strategic planning phase linked online and offline with a “point of purchase” zoo display - suggested as a traveling display item. This display folded into the Natural Partnership Program (NPN) where ISLT works with zoos around the world to educate the public about the plight of snow leopards. ISLT produced this as a pilot, the display toured over the 2005 summer season. Comparing the same period between 2004 to 2005, the display generated increased sales of 231%.