Montana Conservation Voters (MCV)

MCV and MCV Education Fund acts as the non-partisan political voice of Montana's conservation and environmental community. A statewide membership organization, MCV tracks how MT local, state and federal elected leaders vote on policies that impact Montana’s natural resources and pubic health.

A "brand bundle" delivered as an electronic tool kit; business papers, e/news templates, design skin for grant reports, publications, identity development and logo family and design guidelines for MCV, MCV Education Fund and Political Action Committee (PAC). Online program templates and content tone or "voice" recommendations mapped across 2 sites; online strategy, wire frames, audience mapping, content design.


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MCV's initial logo was produced through default, even the client commented their "surprise that our organization didn't undertake this important objective earlier in its 8-year history..."

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Often for organization's without a clearly defined, established identity - logo orphans emerge. MCV wasn't quite sure when this version appeared, but they were decidedly against its use.


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A fully democratic process

MCV staff, board and selected stakeholders decisively voted for the logos featured. Rather than typecast the organization with a traditional symbol that might signify partisan bias, or imply a single issue focus, the objective was to reflect the spirit of a high powered non-partisan organization inviting individual interpretation and participation.

The abstract design implies a kinetic energy, and from the feedback provided means different things to different people. Montana is big sky, big wind country, with 177,000 miles of winding rivers, Great Plains, bison and bear. The logo presents what some see as the edge of a flag or a spinnaker sail filled with momentum. It's memorable and grows on folks over time. It's fresh and vibrant, as is democracy. MCV's mission is reflected in it; one of the top performing state voter leagues in the nation.

AFTER/MCV Web Home Page

The online program wove MCV’s new brand into a clear, easy to navigate site structure. The goal is for site visitors to come often to review if elected officials are keeping their election promises, what policy makers are up to, and the number of ways site visitors can support democracy 365 days a year.

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AFTER/MCV Education Fund Home

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BEFORE/MCV Web Home Page

The sites prior to redesign had a consistent audience; but were difficult to navigate. The impressive work of MCV was not being translated online in a way that audiences could easily navigate.

BEFORE/MCV Education Fund Home

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Montana Conservation Voter’s (MCV) is a non-profit (c)(4) organization with a work focus on electoral initiatives, voter activation, and political action. MCV's sister organization the MCV Education Fund (MCVEF) is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on citizen and voter education and participation.

Creaturekind led the branding and site redesign strategy for MCV and MCVEF; bringing on Jenn Putnam of Jennergy to lead development of the new identity design.

Jennergy produced brand/design products across the project

This initiative delivered a cohesive and professional look and feel integrated across “touch points” for MCV and MCVEF to promote their programs both online and offline.

Developing a new brand before initiating a site redesign is the best way to achieve alchemy across mediums
; weaving a new brand strategy and clearly defined audience values into an accessible and engaging online program.

The new look and feel launched early in 2007. MCV & MCVEF present a unified brand through all communication materials adhering to the standards reviewed, approved and established through the exercise. Jennergy’s design guidelines help MCV protect and manage the usage and consistency of their new brand across their 3 offices and numerous chapters.

“…the really great news is that staff is very willing to comply with the new specs. They are asking great questions and happy to have materials reviewed before presenting them to the public.” David Ellenberger; MCV Communications Director

Civic Actions produced the web sites. Civic Actions uses Drupal a community driven open source software platform distributed under the GPL ("General Public License"). Drupal, a web content management system and web application framework, is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers. The extensible architecture supports over a thousand sub-projects in the form of contributed modules and themes.