Creaturekind Communications LLC helps clients target, refine, connect and cultivate relationships with customers, audiences or members. The two product offerings; Creature Connections consulting and Creaturekind photography.

Why Creaturekind?

Inspired by nature, Creaturekind Communications honors creatures large and small; how they interconnect and what they require to flourish. Communication products reflect "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" or simply, outreach performs best when its integrated. It’s the basis of system's theory and is true of most all things democracy, business, progressive change, nature…

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The elements that make up life are dynamic and constantly changing. Our ability to adapt and respond to the preferences of the creatures we wish to persuade either seals the deal or drives them elsewhere.

Creaturekind has gained a solid track record guiding clients effectively through a range of communications services, the scope of work scaled to accommodate unique organizational models and goals. The work process is customized to support the specific demands non-profits have working across the c3/c4 divide, or businesses with diverse audiences and scant staff, or staff spread across the globe. The deliverables produced for clients break down how to increase efficiency, measure progress and produce results.

About Lisa Skube

Lisa Skube formed Creaturekind Communications at the turn of the century to cross pollinate best marketing and online practices from the for profit world with non-profits and progressive businesses.

Client experience includes 15 years in marketing and communications offline and online for a wide range of products and services across media; film and video, print, outdoor, photography, online, wild postings; pretty much the full gamut. Deliverables created for creatures across sectors; the high performing progressive non-profit variety and the ever innovative for-profit mix.

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