The point of ‘assessment’ allows clients to get their fingers on the pulse of their success - or the variables that may be preventing it.

This interactive process fleshes out gaps to close where opportunity is lost or where momentum may be gained. After working with a number of organizations; this is the one area that clients consistently comment as an exercise they find the biggest eye opener.

Once clients gain clarity why and how their products or mission help the audiences they target the foundation is in place to produce communications that reflect client objectives while honoring how this is relevant to, and benefits, the customers or constituents they serve.

At the end of the process groups have increased clarity ten fold on how programs map to audiences, where the values are, and the importance that all products deliver directly against their mission or strategic imperatives defined by the tangible outcomes they produce.

Measurable and integrated, the tools and materials invested in now deliver against a prioritized well-defined effort. After this phase is completed, tactics of outreach, promotion or engagement have very specific objectives they serve.
an imageConsidering building new tools? Here's some tips Rome wasn't built in a day.
Good outreach takes resources, time and planning.
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Charting a clear course, map the path with good data.

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Taking inventory
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"Take great skills in project management, the capacity to work with a team to keep on task and the ability to juggle multiple moving parts. Add a dash of dedication to the work, and mix in a good sense of humor. Combine all these ingredients together; just add your project and you’ll get results!

I’ve worked with Lisa Skube on more than a dozen projects. It’s a simple recipe all in one package." Tom Novick, Executive VP M+R Strategic Services, father of twins, sailor