Audience Share

In the for profit sector, market share reflects a percentage of a given market based on: measures of awareness, attitude, and usage of products or services. These are principle factors in the decision-making process and determine why customers or members select one “brand” over another.

Market share typically maps to things such as customer satisfaction of products, retailers, or service providers. Market share typically explores metrics measuring how deep consumer preference runs. It looks at consumer satisfaction, including a customers’ willingness to search if a brand is unavailable. What is the likelihood a customer would recommend a brand to someone else?

In values based work; audience share is an offshoot of market share. For groups or businesses dedicated to a progressive platform, social change or positioning new products; audience share represents people who might receive or be responsive to the message or mission. It also represents audiences who are of interest to your work, and those audiences who do receive the messages conveyed.

In the jungle, it’s easy to identify that monkeys covet bananas and giraffes go for the tasty leaves high on the trees. In markets where there are 1000's of brands, helping the audience see the trees through the forest is an intentional process, an exercise of discovery.
an imageHow does "audience share" translate into results? The care and feeding of successful outreach has tangible
Either the audience buys in or bails out.

Defining the subtleties of audience preferences arms organizations with an entirely new way of approaching relationship building on a persuasive platform. This foundation lays the groundwork for segmentation and much more strategic use of existing data. This data can then be plugged in to serve client goals, through existing or enhanced use of available technology. The tools and technology available today are gaining in breadth and sophistication, adoption and availability, but it’s what we do with these tools that matters.

Relationship building

Begins with knowing where you stand.
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Snow leopard
ISLT protects
snow leopards
& the villagers
in their midst.

"Lisa’s work helped us recognize the power of the Snow Leopard Enterprise program and how to use our content to tell the stories of the women participating in the program. These changes definitely helped us increase our online sales." Executive Director; International Snow Leopard Trust web site relaunched 2005

Navigate a clear path informed by audience "buy-in."
And define how this will be measured.

Creaturekind's process identifies the stakes with clients and sets markers to guide the way. For folks who dig the outdoors, it's what we do all the time.

In life or in business, anticipating how many and who is "coming to dinner" allows us to mastermind what it is we're serving and how to set the table.