Benefit Analysis

All work produced for clients is designed from a benefits-based model. Organizational identities, defining a client’s existing capital, uncovering the benefits your audience gains through your work or outcomes is the hidden treasure Creaturekind helps clients locate.

Millions of dollars are wasted annually on spray-and-pray practices. If every piece produced for outreach, promotion or marketing isn't being measured in some way, with a clear read and capture of the audience response, critical feedback and opportunity to broaden and build relationships is lost.

Working hard isn't necessarily working smart if your audience does not understand your impact or what you do for them remains a mystery. If it's a mystery to you, it is definitely a mystery to those you aim to persuade. What you may satisfy for your board, or investors is not the same as what you satisfy for your customers or members. Purchasing decisions, whether it is to support your cause or buy your goods, are driven by a certain set of needs that must be met for the buyer to invest. Roughly 75% of the non-profits functioning today have little to no idea what drives the purchasing decision of their members or supporters.

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build community

Branding with a clearly
defined identity helps your
customers help you succeed.
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Offer a portal to
help customers
achieve their goal.

Benefit analysis closes communication gaps through a process of discovery that answer:
  • Do all communication initiatives have specific goals?
  • Does outreach or marketing clearly define audiences and anticipated outcomes?
  • Do all touch points such as websites, printed materials, messages and framing offer a consistent look and voice?
  • Does the way that work is produced and distributed reflect the values products or services stand for?
  • Is the customer promise clear and do services or products deliver against this?
  • Do customers or members understand who you are and what you offer them?
  • Is there the ability for potential customers or supporters to share their feedback and the mechanisms or programs in place to respond to this feedback?
  • What your organization’s customer or member retention looks like from year to year?
  • Why folks join, donate, or purchase your products - or why they have taken their business somewhere else?

Finding the sweet spot to engage targeted activists, voters or customers is the secret ingredient many organization’s fail to present, showcase or locate. It’s an understandable gap. In the day-to-day work of keeping “the lights on” or fulfilling “the mission” it doesn’t leave much time to consider the underlying values a business or organization satisfy for their targeted audiences.

Creaturekind Communications services offers a series of steps that bring clients in step with strategic methods and measures to help them meet goals. These products help organizations map outreach abreast of market forces that set the bar for customer satisfaction.

"Creaturekind’s core strength is the ability to look at all projects from the end-user perspective. Lisa steps back and takes a close look at the core values of the business or organization, examines the audience, and guides clients to develop great content." Green Fire Productions, Executive Director; brand and web makeover

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"One of the greatest benefits was proceeding through a well-crafted open & democratic process ... As an added benefit we have good survey information from our leaders and volunteers that allowed us (for the first time) to listen to their values, needs and concerns." Communications Director, Montana Conservation Voters MCV branding & c3/c4 web relaunch