Case Studies

This section serves up a series of case studies with "before/after" snapshots presented. The work spans a variety of client projects; branding initiatives and re-designing web sites that showcase the delicate balance of delivering against organizational objectives while honoring the audience's "user experience." Deliverables have provided the structure and means for clients to present an integrated online/offline communications platform. The products produced have substantially increased clients' traction with the audiences targeted while producing capital for the programs and goals in play.

Montana Conservation Voters (MCV)

A "brand bundle" was delivered as an electronic tool kit; business papers, e/news templates, design skin for grant reports, publications, identity development and logo family and design guidelines for MCV, MCV Education Fund and Political Action Committee (PAC). Online program templates and content tone or "voice" recommendations mapped across 2 sites MCV and MCV Education Fund. Deliverables included online strategy, wire frames, audience mapping, content design. Jennergy produced brand/design products across the project, Civic Actions produced the web sites.

International Snow Leopard Trust (ISLT)

Web overhaul; asset analysis, break out markets, online voice & value propositions, redesign online store to better categorize inventory and convey value of purchase aids conservation of snow leopard populations in their natural habitat. LightSky produced the visual design, ONE/NW produced the web site.

Green Fire Productions

Brand, identity workshop series, asset analysis and values mapping: deliverables spanned logo development to business papers to web program. Keen Creative produced design products, Ansano produced the web site. Green Fire continues to deliver the results with an identity that reflects the same benchmark quality as their products.

Earth Share of Oregon

Web overhaul: map architecture to specific audiences, asset analysis, editorial planning, value propositions broken out by audience. Online strategy, wire frames, content and navigational strategy.

Oregon State Parks Trust (OSPT)

Online program & web redesign; asset analysis, remap site by program & geographic program area, online strategy, wire frames, content design.

Products for clients hold the work accountable to clearly defined objectives and considerations that reflect organizational or business goals from beginning to end.

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This process clarifies, often updates or folds in existing strategy/audience analysis, market trends and innovations, and distills it down into a blue print communication products and technology tools deliver against.

All the front end planning and strategy products are produced in coordination with client input, feedback and sign off.

Creaturekind Communications partners with a number of talented vendors on the projects profiled here. The services provided for clients deliver a high quality creative agency approach with experienced production methods that consistently produce results and economies.