Creature Connections

Underneath all the hype, creature instincts drive the lifestyle or purchase choices of your constituents, members or customers. To simplify the complex nature of markets and technology, creatures seek connection. It’s just that simple.

Our advances in capacity to consume and communicate leave audiences underwhelmed and over messaged. Understanding why creatures with "like values" connect with your organization, your solution, your product or service starts with knowing how these “targets” find your “solution” relevant, or how this fits into their lives where they live. And why what you have to say matters to them.

To find that point of connection, Creaturekind works with clients to flesh out and distill down key organizational values and outcomes. Then we map out integrated and actionable outreach based on the benefits your product or service delivers to the audiences targeted.

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Define why, how & where
your mission, work or
products connect with
the audiences you serve.
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building starts
with knowing
where you

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Brand threads
the needle
Brand is less
about logos and
more about

"...if we had built a pretty new website without knowing who we were trying to reach we might have missed our market completely. The process really helped identify our market, figure out the strengths of our programs that might appeal to the markets, and then create an online presence that would help us reach the right folks with the right message." International Snow Leopard Trust (ISLT) web site, e-news oureach strategy and retail portal; online program design