Earth Share of Oregon (ESOR)

ESOR is a federation of 68 leading local and national non-profit conservation member groups. ESOR was first formed as the Environmental Federation of Oregon (EFO) back in 1989. Since that time, ESOR has raised over six million dollars for members groups in more than 100 workplaces. This ranks them 3rd in the nation within the Earth Share network.

The program provides a slick means for folks who care about the environment to support their regional conservation community through choosing to participate in ESOR's work place giving campaign.

ESOR contracted Creaturekind to produce an online strategy that would provide a scaleable foundation for their new web site. The site has several goals with a priority to provide program information for existing and potential business partners of the benefits, process and results of hosting an ESOR workplace giving campaign.

AFTER/WEB Site Home Page

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Content design is one of the most important aspects of ESOR’s site redesign. A detailed content plan and editorial calendar were produced to help ESOR leverage the collective capital of the member groups. The content strategy focuses on the benefits online visitors seek through ESOR’s web site to build relationships between environmental member groups and the generous businesses and individual employees that support them through their work place giving choices.

The site was built by the folks at ONE/NW using Plone. Plone is an open-source content management system built on top of the Zope application server. Plone is free software and is designed to be extensible. It is suited for an internal website or may be used as a server on the Internet, playing such roles as a document publishing system and groupware collaboration tool. Plone is released under the GNU General Public License.

BEFORE/WEB Site Home Page

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ESOR Deliverables:
Web overhaul, map architecture to specific audiences, asset analysis, editorial planning, value propositions broken out by audience. Online strategy, wire frames, content strategy.

The site plan developed user profiles to serve as the compass for content design and architecture. The end product equally balanced the organizational requirements that support ESOR’s program objectives, clearly present member group benefits, and address the priority needs of business partners.

The new site provides a section dedicated to tools and resources for campaign managers to help them efficiently initiate, organize and coordinate with ESOR’s program staff, simplifying the work place campaign process exponentially. Business place online giving has increased substantially since the site launch in 2005.