Gallery: wabi sabi

The translation of wabi sabi into the images featured interprets this ancient aesthetic tradition with respect and honor. As traditionally observed, wabi sabi is:

  • A beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.
  • The beauty of things modest and humble.
  • The beauty of things unconventional.

The images are an exploration of the expression of time; these compositions depict natural process, light, distressed surface and affect of use. The image may capture a moment of transition, shadow, transparency & reflection, or present decades or centuries a form has been impacted by utility, sculpted by the elements over time, reclaimed by nature or natural process.

These section will be added to and refreshed frequently, available as limited edition, numbered and signed fine art prints. All images are copyright of Lisa Skube. To view the image at a larger size, double click the thumbnail offered.