Green Fire Productions

Is an award winning media making organization, specializing in video advocacy for over 17 years. This is a high performing non-profit organization with work that spans the globe. Green Fire needed a web site that would serve them with the same benchmark of quality as their products.

Initially Green Fire just wanted a new design skin for their web site.


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The recommendation was an identity overhaul launching an entirely a new brand. This included a full planning process to flesh out the work (capital), competencies (services) and capacity (existing infrastructure) to lay out clearly defined goals and tactics. Since the launch of the new brand and tools; the visibility and credibility their work deserves is well represented through a high performing and well integrated identity.


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AFTER/Green Fire Case Study

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Green Fire Deliverables

Brand, identity workshop series, asset analysis, deliverables spanned business papers and web program. Keen Creative produced design products, Ansano produced the web site.

Creaturekind encouraged Green Fire to produce a new site with a solid online strategy to support their organizational objectives with a well developed web program that would serve them well for years to come.

Green Fire noted "I found the identity and strategic communications planning to be extremely helpful, the entire work process very clear and structured, voice guidelines very helpful." Karen Meyer; Green Fire Executive Director

The site launched in 2002 continues to serve them well, and was instrumental providing the infrastructure for their recent program Oregon Ocean, part of a larger statewide initiative to protect Oregon’s underwater marine environment.

In hindsight Green Fire "recommended to do it right, groups need to budget adequate time and finances to the process. It is an essential piece of legwork to be done at the onset of communications planning and implementation because without it strategic communications aren’t very strategic! It’s that simple"

"Creaturekind's professional background came into play throughout our work process. Bringing a view of communications from the perspective of the potential audience & being able to bring this to bear on all aspects of the work, is critical. Creaturekind is intimately familiar with the tools and methods used in many levels of business and consumer communications – this is a huge asset for the conservation community." Karen Meyer, Green Fire Productions Executive Director