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The 2007 Brand Marketers Report

"is based on a survey of brand leaders and decision makers conducted online in the fourth quarter of 2006. The participant group represents 299 senior level brand owners.The survey of global brand owners further validates the influence brands have on the customers' decision process, and yet shows that most marketers feel stifled in delivering on the full impact of their brand's value..."

Your Audience Defines Your Brand's Success or Irrelevance

"Consumers have become brand masters, leaving marketers to merely fuel the game, rather than play it. Since the Internet began, the power in the brand game has shifted..."

The Big Switcheroo: Implementing Your New Brand

"So, you have a new logo, letterhead, and related materials. Congratulations! You're ready to unveil your brand to the world. Or are you? It's really a matter of logistics, and a big part of the decision rests on how you think the changes will be perceived by your board members, supporters, and constituents... The point is, you need a plan..." by DK Holland

Branding Effectively Online is an Intentional Undertaking

"Consumers are connected: they talk among themselves. Marketing campaigns must recognize and leverage this. Talking at consumers doesn't work. Providing consumers with the tools they need to understand, experience, and spread the word about your brand and your products and services does..."

Relationship Marketing; Brands that Last

" in the 21st Century is not about ROI anymore. It's about the return on customer, maximizing the lifetime relationship with an individual. It's about getting that one person who purchases your product once to purchase it again. Purchase it more often. Purchase new things. Over and over and over again until they become something more than a customer. They become an advocate for your brand..."

Good Branding Should Translate Into Measurable Returns

When it's done right: Here's a great case study on branding for social change; beyond tag lines and logos...

4 Elements of a Winning Brand

"If you're uncertain--or even worse, stuck with a less-than-stellar image--it's time to give your brand an doesn't have to cost millions or take years to put your company's branding efforts on track..."

The Power of Brand

"A brand's quality and reputation matter more than ever. We often talk in terms of advertising rewarding viewers with great humor, emotion, or some similar payoff. In a market driven by social media, the challenge is actually much deeper than that..."

Brand in Application

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Trend Watch

Less Hulk, More Bruce Lee.The striking power of Michael Jager.

"It was David versus Goliath, with Attila the Hun thrown in to make it interesting. Microsoft had invited three brand designers to Redmond, Washington, in 2004 to present a new identity for the upcoming Xbox 360... The JDK crew is a bizzaro creative hit squad that helps clients zero in on (and at times unearth) their psychographic id..."


Environmental Spin Factor; consumers decisively give a nod to mother earth. Check out Brand Channels survey findings that reveal "one-third of Americans (32%) report heightened interest in the environment compared to a year ago. This brings the total of Americans who claim to be interested in the environment to 88 percent. Additionally, consumers believe that corporations owe it to them to engage in sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices...With this in mind, consumers say they will either "reward" (purchase) or punish companies based on their actions..."