Online & Offline Capital

Organizations, businesses, and service vendors alike are constantly producing. Producing products, outcomes, publications, research or polling, and most likely generating results or helping others do so.

Often business and social change groups leave a lot on the table. Unaware of the capital they possess or resolving how to present it in a way that builds the case to the audiences targeted.

Half the challenge is identifying what the assets are.

These assets are defined by the values they provide to the audiences they serve.

Then there’s the part of presenting these assets across channels, say print or online. Different mediums are different animals. The thing they all have in common is that it takes great content to engage their audiences, especially online. The good news is, most organizations have great content. They simply haven't instituted a process that captures or assesses these assets; or they've failed to present this "capital" in a way that furthers their cause.

Clearly defining the elements that produce success and building this into a unified story offline and online means nailing down why your work, products or services matter. The ingredients are identified and the recipe defined by the audiences targeted, based on characteristics of the customers or constituents you aim to serve. By taking an inventory of the existing capital, it allows organizations to then plug this in to further success that only a foundation of time, experience and a track record can yield.

In terms of the "capital value" or the quality and quantity of online/offline capital, this is dictated by one thing: The mission or vision and the ability to deliver successfully against it. This is often referred to as delivering on the “customer promise.”

If your outfit has a defined mission or manifesto, how are you “delivering” against this? How is the world different with your product, or organization, or campaign in it?

Do you connect with your audience in a way that serves up the goods you produce with flavor that shows a clear understanding of those you target preferences and tastes?

an imageThe upside
of audits
Take inventory
of what works
and why.

Existing capital

Or defining the “soft” assets sets groups free to achieve larger goals, broaden the base, and better align high performing programs or products with beneficiaries. Without doing a lot more work but doing the work in a new, more integrated and strategic way. It goes back to the fundamentals of luck, where it is said preparation meets opportunity.

Are you ready?

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