Oregon State Parks Trust (OSPT)

Founded in 1995, OSPT is the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing Oregon’s magnificent state parks system. OSPT is dedicated to preserving Oregon's natural, scenic, cultural, historic, and recreation sites for present and future generations.

Oregon State Parks Trust contracted Creaturekind Communications to produce an online strategy to guide a web redesign. The RFP required the full scope of programs and initiatives the Trust supports were clearly presented online.

Prior to contracting Creaturekind OSPT had been making little headway, attempting to redesign their site for two years. They were struggling with the heavy lift required to tackle the challenge. Engineering new site content, structure and managing the technical requirements plus running an organization was bigger than one FTE.

AFTER/WEB Site Home Page

From initiation of site planning to launch, in a little over four months, OSPT’s new site went live. The content design lets the site visitor experience a broad range of benefits and projects the Trust is involved in. It presents a strong case to support the Trust with a series of great stories of successful initiatives OSPT has produced.

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AFTER/WEB Primary Navigation

Primary navigation mapped to reflect programs of the Trust.

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Secondary navigation broken out by location or areas the Trust works across the state of Oregon

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BEFORE/WEB Site Home Page

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OSPT Deliverables

Asset analysis, remap site by program & area, online strategy, wire frames, content design.

The process design was broken into two phases; planning and implementation. Once the online strategy was approved in phase 1 it was handed off to collaboration partners ONE/NW for phase 2.

ONE/NW led the plan implementation, building out the back end web site and newsletter tool development. The site was designed in PLONE, an open source platform that many feel is highly efficient for content refresh or to retire content and images across locations with robust intranet capabilities.