Outreach & Marketing

Where points intersect moments are created.

Is it a good moment? A bad moment? A forgettable moment? Connection is kinetic; there is energy created. The action or outcome a connection produces depend on how the variables of the moment line up.

Breaking down why, how, when and where creatures respond reveals what is relevant to them and what isn’t. It empowers us to develop communications that matter to the creatures we target, want to help or wish to persuade.

an imageBehind the mask; what do clients think?
What kind of track record does Creaturekind have?

At the end of the process clients can answer:

  • Why the audience should care?
  • Why the audience trusts and values their work?
  • What makes an initiative or products meaningful to the audience?
  • How the cumulative track record is relevant to the audience?
  • How hard and soft capital serve the well-being of the audience?
  • How the work or products make a difference to the audience in their community?

Uncover key plot points.

Planning products and implementation deliver against business or strategic objectives across channels to produce lasting relationships with constituents, customers or supporters. Deliverables offer actionable and integrated outreach, marketing strategy, group facilitation and plan deployment. Results of this planning process have produced substantial gains for clients; tracking how these plans produce results is part of the service set.

Creature Outreach

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"I found the identity and strategic communications planning to be extremely helpful. It is an essential piece of legwork to be done at the onset of communications planning and implementation because without it strategic communications aren’t very strategic! It's just that simple." Karen Meyer, Executive Director, Green Fire Productions

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