Results: Client Feedback

Facilitation & Process

"Creaturekind’s planning process helped us to portray the work we do and the results we create through our web site. I found the identity and strategic communications planning to be extremely helpful, the entire work process very clear and structured, voice guidelines very helpful."

"...approach to the task was very inclusive of our grassroots structure and accommodating to the individual voices of our volunteers and leaders. You kept the us well apprised of roadblocks and challenges and were quick to come up with solutions."

"I’ve worked with Lisa Skube on more than a dozen projects. It’s a simple recipe all in one package. Take great skills in project management, the capacity to work with a team to keep on task and the ability to juggle multiple moving parts. Add a dash of dedication to her work, and mix in a good sense of humor. Combine all these ingredients together; just add your project and you’ll get results!"

"Creaturekind's work helped us recognize the power of the Snow Leopard Enterprise program and how to use our content to tell the stories of the women participating in the program. These changes definitely helped us increase our online sales."

"Small non-profits have special needs and you never failed to recognize that fact and honor our challenges."

"Creaturekind takes the time to understand and appreciate the mission and goals of an organization."

"The process really helped identify our market, figure out the strengths of our programs that might appeal to the markets, and then create an online presence that would help us reach the right folks with the right message."

"A wonderful grasp of the big picture, facilitation through-out the process fostered creativity..."

"Creaturekind drove the planning process for our site, oversaw the design of Green Fire’s website and managed the project from start to finish. This really made the website re-design possible..."

Audience & Contact Strategy

"Creaturekind’s core strength is the ability to look at all projects from the end-user perspective. Lisa steps back and takes a close look at the core values of the business or organization, examines the audience, and guides clients to develop great web content."

"One of the greatest benefits was proceeding through a well-crafted open & democratic process that made us think about our public-facing appearance (and audience) for the first time in our organization's history."

"A view of communications from the perspective of the potential audience, Creaturekind brings this to bear on all aspects of the work, which is critical. You are intimately familiar with the tools and methods used in many levels of business and consumer communications – this is a huge asset for the conservation community."

"Thanks for teaching me to consider audience and involve them in all of our communications. You've been a great help in this area, bringing your considerable experience in the for-profit world to bear."

"As an added benefit we have good survey information from our leaders and volunteers that allowed us (for the first time) to listen to their values, needs and concerns."

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with purpose
& vision

"...well-crafted site mapping is a magnificent improvement over the chaos that defined our previous iterations. The branding/design on our new sites is gorgeous and I have no doubt that it will improve our image in the crowd."

"The online planning and strategy work was definitely worth while. The initial price tag spooked us a bit but looking back if we had built a pretty new website without knowing who we were trying to reach we might have missed our market completely. The process really helped identify our market, figure out the strengths of our programs that might appeal to the markets, and then create an online presence that would help us reach the right folks with the right message."

"The Green Fire case studies Creaturekind shaped with us are one of the strongest elements on the web site – people comment all the time on the site and how much they like the site and how helpful it is."

"The sites are beautiful, present our complex programs simply and map to our audiences in a way we had never considered. They will prove to be an exceptional tool for our organization for many years to come. "

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"Our e-news program has grown steadily since the new site was launched and remains one of our most important outreach tools."

" excellent job of doing newsletters. The best of any I've seen. Keep up the good work."

"Very nice. I appreciate the new and upbeat look. Easy to navigate, too!"

"It's been an improvement in terms of how we organize and present content, communicate with supporters via email, and track our results. The increase in visitors and sales has easily returned the value of the investment."