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Typically creatures move about the web with keen animal in the wild like instincts. They seek clear paths, forage for information, seek tasty content, long to be understood, and typically self identify with like tribes.
an imageGlobal conservation coordinated through the web

ISLT successfully blends purpose with commerce online.
Advancing snow leopard conservation takes a village.

Blending audience needs with an equal focus on the client's business case; Creaturekind takes inventory of the results clients produce across touch points to deliver success.

Construction of all web strategy centers around the client's "mission" or business goals distilled down into tangible objectives. The process is designed to grow market share through the web as a core tactic in the way work happens. The structure results in clients gaining the ability to build upon or improve their existing track record, define and harvest conversion opportunities, monitor metrics or deepen relationships with their audiences.

"You don't know what you don't know"

is a marketing mantra that in application is "step one" of the discovery process. Here are the kinds of things that reveal what we do, or don't know, about how your outfit's online assets deliver results:
  • Do all online programs deliver against specific goals?
  • How does your firm know if outreach or marketing efforts are making headway online?
  • Do site visitors consume the content prepared?
  • What do they like best?
  • Where do they go?
  • Can they find what they’re looking for?
  • How do you know?
  • Do they take the actions you hope they will?

The content posted may "be true" but if it isn't relevant to the visitor, the moment to engage, persuade or entice them is lost.

Creaturekind demystifies the cyber sphere; mapping out online design with structure and function. This furthers relationships with the wild and wooly informavore via a delightful, informative and rich online experience verses directing creatures to comply; to benefit your cause, company or bottom line. When site visitors feel empowered and reflected they are far more likely to perceive the information as helpful and relevant verses overwhelming, forgettable, white noise or "bigger than just one person."

"The online planning and strategy was definitely worth while. This helped us understand what we had and where we needed to go to grow our online presence. It's been an improvement in terms of how we organize and present content, communicate with supporters via email, and track our results. The increase in visitors and sales has easily returned the value of the investment." International Snow Leopard Trust (ISLT) web site, e-news oureach strategy and retail portal; online program design

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