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From the 50,000 foot level down to "on the ground" tactics and tools; Creature Connections provides services that help clients gain market momentum and grow their member or customer base. Central to all the consulting products is helping clients identify how to create a customer experience that builds and broadens influence with targeted audiences. Part and parcel of this is providing clarity how and why the audience benefits as a result of purchase or giving their time. Clients gain new skills and learn simple methods to apply insights and monitor audience response to build stronger relationships. The process reveals actionable data based on the human factors that lead targeted audiences to either "buy in" or "opt out."


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Photography products will soon be available as digital stock for use in print or on the web. Currently, Creaturekind's online galleries include editorial work, lifestyle, fine art and stock. The stock section for designers and others who seek a fresh perspective offers original textures; elements and symbolic material to inspire, incite or engage. The full stock section, slated to launch over time, will offer a digital download & payment feature with dozens of content silos containing original works across numerous areas.

Creature Connections

A sampling of case studies offer details on the process behind the deliverables. Deliverables reflect client strategy, organizational culture, capacity, mission and market. To get a better picture of the particulars, case studies present a before/after snapshot of featured client projects.

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Images and how photography is used in communications and in particular on the web (size, placement, content) intrigue, inform and connect with the audience in ways words just can't. Strategically combining images with words becomes a powerful way to advocate, persuade, entice and enlighten.

For additional research on the subject; here's a review of how site users consumed visual content when scanning online news.