Conversation, a currency of communities and markets regardless of geography, wealth or social status. Understanding and mining conversation disarms false claims, clarifies the value of a service or product or brand, and builds trust with audiences on their terms. Tapping into empathy, expertise, equity or inclusion – conversation is a powerful baseline.

Metrics measure meaning relevant to populations targeted, impact sought

Comments open a dialogue to build audience, cultivate community, defuse conflict

Questions reveal insight, yield empathy-driven intelligence, inspire curiosity

Guided discussion qualify requirements, aligned with creatures or cultures served

Fresh narrative creates a shared experience. Capturing the stories that animate, convert, reflect or illuminate rather than polarize, reveals value & adds lift. Layered content that gathers proof points in the words of communities or customers targeted, rings authentic. Editorial and information architecture, greater than the sum of its parts.

Active listening practice? Tap into existing cultures and currencies, hard and soft

Feedback baked in, transparency becomes visible, editorial reflects voices served

Distillation & synthesis fuel iteration, improvement tangible, practices customer-informed

Narrative alignment; content audits yield positioning & platform to showcase value

Disruption is the new norm. Harnessing the equity of long standing brands or launching new companies. Raising the profile of nonprofit collaborations, civic squares or community driven programs. Actionable strategy that wins starts with innovation in thought. Information & technology that mimic natural networks – localized, resilient & renewable – cross-disciplinary or enterprise-wide – break down silos to catalyze impact. Success metrics bridge divides.

Prize tribal wisdom; seed or test new ideas across networks, partners & alliances

New information system design; test, sequence, audience prototype, messaging

Training extensible; use case, social learning, distribution - inclusion & diversity

Codify best practices, facilitation & discovery mitigate risk, up efficiency, enable reflection


"...needing to do some technology visioning and strategic evaluation as we approached a major funding proposal. To say that Lisa saved us is a vast understatement! The results: a sterling proposal which we are mining to this day, and more importantly, a rare professional friendship..."

Charles Davis Dean College of Journalism & Mass Communication

"What lies at the heart of the work and its ongoing value was recognition that innovators need certain elements to learn and share productively. These elements have application, whether the conversation is about journalism or arts education or health care or technology..."

Janet Coats New Media Initiative Program Manager

"...Immediately able to identify powerful strengths, and respectfully and supportively identify areas that need improvement, with encouragement to really make these self-perceived weaknesses into new strengths. As a result, I ended up winning a share in the 2016 grant..."

Nick Chesterfield Founding Editor

"Traveling with us to Manila, Philippines - handled the interface and communications with the Whitehouse staff and U.S. Embassy for our meeting with President Obama. with an attention to detail, strong work ethic, and communication skills that played a major part of the success..."

Ken Montler CEO

"Whether serving as the lead strategist during discovery projects or offering new insights to long-time customers, a powerful combination of keen analytical skills and fresh perspective..."

Tom Paul CEO