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This section offers articles, tips, resources and research on relationship building through effective use of brand, the web and trends important to consumers, social change architects and folks who like to stay on top of key issues.

BRAND; Online & Offline
WEB: Online Strategy & Tips
TRENDS: Politics, Satire & Culture

The content in these sections point to a variety of experts and community forums that present ongoing discussion, best practices and breaking news related to cultivating customers, members, or expanding influence in the markets you move in. Stay abreast of issues impacting your customers and the community you live in.

One of the issues Creaturekind Communications is tracking currently is net neutrality. Join us in keeping an eye on this issue, offered are a number of articles and resources to stay informed.

an imageWhy is net neutrality threatened? "Six bills pending - three in the Senate and three
in the House that address NET NEUTRALITY..." April 2006

Content is refreshed frequently covering:

  • Content from industry experts that address best practices and trends in audience building, monitoring and retention.
  • Progressive change; evolving trends in technology and use of the web.
  • Consumer information relevant to our citizen rights, public health and safety.
  • Art as it connects us back with one another and nature.

BLOGS & Points of Interest

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Inspired sustainable product

distributer 7th Generation offers content and forums for consumers to learn, plug in and shop smart.

Did you know lobbyists outnumber elected officials 5 to 1?

From the water we drink, to the wage we earn, to the taxes we pay - curious about money's influence? The Center for Responsive Politics collects, scrubs and offers open access to top notch data tracking the dollars spent to influence federal policy, leaders and even the judiciary. Follow the money provides all the particulars how money flows to elect our leaders and its impact on policy at the state level.

Find a farmer's market near you!

It's summertime; local producers create great food straight from the source. Check out this great resource to find a farmer's market in your area. Our farmers are an endangered species; come out and meet one in your neighborhood.